As designers, we must be able to clarify our intent, keeping in mind that Interior Design is not a look.

It’s a point of view.

about us

about us

As design professionals, our knowledge enables us to form  spaces that respond to human needs. These human spaces are the domain of our competence, our passion and our work.

We use space responsibly. We practice our profession with highest regard for engaging the world’s economic and natural resources in a sustainable manner.

We design for health, safety, well-being and the needs of all. It is, after all, for Humanity, our ultimate client, that we design. WE SHAPE THE SPACES THAT SHAPE THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE.

This is what we do, what we create, what we give. It is how we earn our place at the human table. It is why our work is important to our clients, to our societies and to ourselves. It is the difference we make and why we choose this noble profession.

design philosophy

design philosophy

They say imagination fuels ideas… but I believe an idea can also inspire imagination and propel us onto the path of success. I, for one, have always believed in the latter. For it is tried and tested that an idea that can inspire and feed our imagination is more fruitful and sustainable of the two. Our design philosophy happens to be one such thought inspiring us to push the envelope, to try out new things; to think out of-the-box.

In that sense, every successful business is also nothing but an idea that inspires the imagination! An idea can change our thinking process and bring about a paradigm shift in our long-held beliefs and I believe that business is nothing but the successful management of the economics of great ideas.

In Design Spaceplan Solutions, we aspire to Re-Define business and market trends; as well as give our customers the chance to Experience Innovation… We are sure that our superiority over the technologies and products that we replace and the infinite possibilities in design applications exceed imagination
and expectations!

what we stand for

what we stand for


To continually provide our clients with designs that articulate their personalities and attitudes.


To be the most preferred company in the region in terms of in-house innovative design solutions that promote sustainability.


  • Customer centricity
  • Design passion
  • Innovation
  • Dependability
  • Appreciation for one another.

The quintessence of quality is a belief…an idea…that what exists can be made better by human effort. That’s been our quest in whatever we do…trying to make things better by our efforts. Our Quality Management System is the guiding force that spells the use of technology to make the difference.

Our assurance of quality in our line of products stems from the vigilance encouraged at every step of production, from procurement of materials – to technology – to the process and finally to the end product.

That’s why every design project comes with the hallmark of standards that are beyond reproach… and it reflects our design ideology: We Deliver Guaranteed Quality!

At design spaceplan solutions, it’s our belief that the right mix of manpower with the economics of the built environment gives us an upper hand in the design field.

We have qualified professional interior designers from accredited universities, experienced technicians and passion for timely and high quality projects delivery is what drives us.

We care about our client’s needs, since the customer is always the boss.

To our customers, Design Spaceplan Solutions Ltd represents a promise.

They know our brand stands for dependability, superior quality and customer services that delight them.
Customer-centricity as a philosophy is woven into the fabric of our corporate culture. We want to exceed customer expectations, not just satisfy them.

We were quick to realize that in this era of emails, blogs, cell phones and internet; word travels faster than light. Covering every customer touch point to deliver the promised design forms the basis of our customer centric approach to business.

After all…happy customers are good for business!

what we do

what we do

Gypsum partitions with glass inlay: these provide great aesthetics as well as provide a source of artificial lighting. Film is applied to the glass to provide privacy.

Recessed decorative niches at appropriate focal points. Mainly done at reception areas, walkways and may sometimes be used for storage.

Composite aluminium structured walls, sometimes combined with gypsum partitioning. The main advantage of gypsum walling is that it’s easy to customize to suit many needs.

Custom made gypsum ceiling designs to suit every client’s needs. Ceilings are a major focal point especially in an office setting. They act as an art board for inspirational thoughts and meditation, a support for lighting, and an insulation from heat and noise.
Thoughtfully created ceiling designs can bring out in us a sense of personality, thoughtfulness and belonging.

Reception desks, display units, workstations…..we design and fit out custom-made furniture just suited to your needs in sustainable and energy efficient materials.

MDF, glass… Perspex…. all these are recyclable materials and our choice of these for our jobs is a conscious decision in our quest to go green and conserve the environment.

Because plain painted walls are too mainstream, we go an extra step to ensure that the client’s and other space users’ interest are constantly aroused by adding decorative niches and other painting techniques to walls.

In every corporate setting, signage is a very important aspect of interior works.
From directional signs, door signs, company logos and even other signs required to comply with the governing statutes of the region, like fire escape signs.

We ensure that we leave the job complete.



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